DNR Decisions

DNR160006 & DNR170002.pdfDNR160006 & DNR1700022017In the Matter of the DNR Grant of the Confidentiality Request of Badger Mining Corp.
DNR150004.pdfDNR1500042017In the Matter of th Denial by the Department of Natural Resources of an Application for an Air Pollution Control  Construction Permit from Central Wisconsin Alcohol, Inc
DNR150001.pdfDNR1500012017In the Matter of the Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit Issued to United Liquid Waste Recycling, Inc
DNR150005.pdfDNR1500052017In the Matter of the Request for an Adjudicatory Hearing regarding: Decision to Grant Confidential Status to Information Submitted to DNR by Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership
DNR160005.pdfDNR1600052017In the Matter of the Application of Pinecliff, LLC for a Permit to Remove Materials from the Bed of Lake Michigan, Town of Baileys Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin
DNR160003 & DNR160004.pdfDNR160003 & DNR1600042017In the Matter of the Application of Sawyer County to Construct/ Place a Culvert in the Little Round Lake Man-Made Outlet and to Abandon Little Round Lake Dam